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Spring Forward Collection Booty

It's been a long winter, but spring have finally sprung. Brighten your space and your life with a candle as glorious as you are. Our booty candle has a round butt, with no innie or outie visible (cuz genitals don't matter anyway). The Spring Forward collection smells like spring in a candle: Japanese cherry blossoms, calla lily. and the sweet spring rain storms with a hit of blossoming flowers.

  • Hand poured, using soy wax and fragrance oils
  • Height: 4 inch, Length: 2.8 inch, Width: 3.16 inch

$2 for every candle and wax melts from this collection will contribute to a new, no strings attached, annual Spring Forward grant. This year's recipient, Curve Conscious, is a Black, queer owned small business that serves the plus size community. 

All orders placed before May 15th will ship by May 31st.

This candle is hand poured, and usually used as home décor. Imperfections and color differentiations are a natural occurrence. They simple add to the beauty of the art. If you light it, use a fire safe dish as the wax will drip. It may not burn completely, however, remaining wax can be reused by transferring into a wax warmer and melted. Because of the type of candle this is, no burn time is predicted or guaranteed. 

Please note that if your order contains any other products, or is placed after May 15th, standard processing times apply to the whole order.