CTOAN has a processing time of 4 - 6 weeks on all orders, with the exception of specific collections that CLEARLY state otherwise. This is listed in the product description in bold pink letters.

At this time, CTOAN ships to the US and Canada. Please note, Canadian customers may have to pay duties or fees if required at the time of delivery. For customers outside of the US and Canada, a package forwarder like Shipito may be utilized at your own risk.

You totally can! CTOAN's candles make incredible gifts. Here's how to mail the order to someone else while paying for it yourself.

1. Add the candle to your cart, then go to check out.

2. Enter the name and address of the person you want to receive your candle. You can use your own email and phone number, but make sure the name and address is for the recipient. 

3. Continue and select your shipping method

4. Enter tip and payment information

5. The last question on the payment page asks for your billing address. Select *Use a different billing address.*

6. Enter your name and the billing address for your credit card that you used for the order.

That's it! The candle will ship to whoever you enter on the very first page in step 2, but will be billed to you using your card and address. 

Unfortunately, at this time CTOAN does not offer gift messaging or packing. We'll let you know if that changes!

Once CTOAN has shipped your candle, have fufiled our responsibility to you. However, sometime orders can get lost in the mail. In addition to any USPS coverage, CTOAN offers $200 worth of insurance on all US orders.

If your package tracking shows delivered, but it did not arrive, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help.

Please note that CTOAN is not responsible for shipping on orders with wrong or incomplete addresses and insurance company has the last say as to wether an order will be replaced or refunded due to delivery problems.

CTOAN is a tiny business that I operate out of my basement. For safety and logistics, pick-up is not available. 

Candle Care

CTOAN's body candles are primarily decorative, but they can be safely burned. However, because of the type of candle, no burn time is predicted or guaranteed. 

For best results and the longest burn, trim your wick to a 1/8 inch, and put your CTOAN plus size body candle into a fire proof bowl (like this one) or candle vase (similar to this).

This will allow the wax to collect and continue to burn after the shape has melted. The candle should not be burned without a fire proof surface beneth it. Extinguash the candle when half an inch of wax remains.

If you place the candle on a pillar candle stand or a plate, the wax will drip, possibly causing damage to floors and surfaces.

Any remaining wax can be repurposed in a wax melter so you can get the most out of it.


We do not recommend outdoor use for our 3D printed planters. Do so at your own risk.

Your hanging planter will comes with a four prong (strand) braided polyester rope hanger. It will already have the hanging loop. All you have to do is tie the strands to each of the holes of the included drip tray, place your planter into the drip tray and hang. Braided polyester is really strong, allowing you to hang up to 25 lbs, if the knots you tied were tied correctly. Please double check your knots and planter before hanging.

No, the only way to buy our planters is to purchase them already printed.

That's the beauty of our hanging planters! You can skip the rope and use it as a tabletop planter instead. But save the rope, one day you might want to hang it up.

Keep the planter away from flames and temps above 100°F. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Ensure that your planter will last a long time by preventing your plant from becoming root bound.


Most people with allergies and scent sensitivities love our unscented candles - which are available year-round as part of our signature line and occasionally in seasonal collections.

CTOAN's unscented candles don't have any added fragrance oil, but please note that the soy wax itself has a natural scent. The candles are also made in the same place as candles with fragrance, as well as stored there.

CTOAN is a tiny candle company based in my basement, so while I'd love to have an entirely separate space to make unscented items, that's impossible right now.

It's important to me to offer an unscented product, but if your sensitivities or allergies are severe, it is likely not worth the risk for you.

If you receive an unscented candle and notice a faint odor, I recommend taking it out of the packaging and leaving it in a room to air out for a few days. You'll usually find that it's completely unscented after that.

We do not offer custom candles. The process to develop, design, 3D print, make the molds, and test the candles is extensive, and not conducive to individual custom orders. However, if you would like to place a very large order (over 100 units), please contact me and we'll see what we can do.

We do not sell our silicone molds at this time.

Thank you so much for your concern! While CTOAN does make a variety of exclusive designs (like our Frankie, Brooklyn, and Ash), art shaped like the human figure has been around since the beginning of time. CTOAN does not own the concept, and there are thousands (if not more!) of other candle makers that make various body candle designs. They aren't stealing from CTOAN. There's room for all of us in the industry!

With a focus on supporting others, each seasonal collection goes to support a cause connected to the collection’s theme. Occasionally, when a situation warrants, CTOAN will hold a limited-time fundraiser to raise money for a cause, like the Midwest Access Coalition after Dobbs, a GoFundMe for families of the victims at Club Q, etc.

Donations are made up to one month after the collection or campaign has ended, but usually much sooner.

CTOAN has and will continue to share screenshots of each donation on Instagram stories or in a feed post after the donation was made. If you've purchased a candle with a donation element (or you are a member of the media) and would like proof that the donation has been made, please reach out to CTOAN by email with your order number, and the screenshot will be shared with you.

Please note, in the event that a fundraiser is not held, or taken down, for a direct donation to victims of a tragedy, or if information later reveals that the organization is not in line with CTOAN's values, the recipient may be changed at CTOAN's discretion. This has never happened as of January 2023, but CTOAN reserves the right. 

If this should occur, CTOAN will choose another recipient with a similar goal, mission, or objective as the original intended recipient. For example, if the family of a victim of police brutality does not hold a fundraiser, the funds would be donated to an org or nonprofit that assists the victims of police brutality or whose mission it is to stop that type of violence. 

Seasonal items that are purchased on sale are not included in donation drives.