"Onyx" Plus Size Pregnant Candle

Onyx is fat pregnant body candle, the perfect home (or office) decor for expectant parents, birth workers, or anyone that loves art that celebrates diverse bodies.

  • A CTOAN Original Design
  • Pregnant belly, chest surgery scars, back rolls, and hip dips
  • Hand poured, using soy wax and fragrance oils

25 cents from every Onyx sold will be donated to an organization that works to actively reduce the Black childbirth mortality rate and is trans inclusive in its work. Until 12/31/24 the recipient of these funds will beAncient Song Doula Services.

All orders have a processing time of 3 - 4 weeks. Onyx is a piece of home décor. If you would like to light the candle, put it on a fire safe dish as the wax will drip. Transfer and remaining wax into a wax melter and continue to enjoy. Imperfections, tiny air pockets, and color differentiations are natural and EXPECTED, simply adding to the beauty of the art. Because of the type of candle this is, no burn time is predicted or guaranteed. 

Shipping details

Processing time, unless stated otherwise, is 4 to 6 weeks. Orders shipped via USPS with up to $200 of insurance and tracking.